Thursday, September 11, 2008

Interview with Stephen Silver

On our first round of short interviews I was delighted to make contact with Stephen Silver, the man behind the character development of Danny Phantom, Kim Possible and Clerks animated series. You can check out Stephen Silver's work on his website

1. Stephen, you are renowned world wide for the characters that you have developed, when did you start becoming interested in art?

Not sure about the renowned world wide, but I think a lot of people who are fans of art and animation may know of me. I became interested in art at around the age of 6. I always drew but then started taking it seriously when I was about 18.

2. You started making money with your drawings by making caricatures in amusement parks, how did you transition yourself from those days in the parks into Warner Bros and the animation industry?

I believe that caricatures and character design are one in the same. It is all about shape variation. It kind of happened over night for me. I simply put together a portfolio, contacted someone I knew at warner bros. They dropped off my portfolio and within weeks I got a call.

3. What were your influences within cartoons that have got you into the profession of character development?

All my influences were illustrators. once I was in the industry I started learning about the animation artists and then they became influences.

4. You have been within the animation industry for over a decade now, you have worked really hard on some outstanding projects and played a major part in character design, in reflection, how does that feel, how do you feel you are doing and what do you think lies in the future for you?

It feels pretty good having been an artist with a passion and all I wanted to do was draw and then people noticed. I love what I do and right now get the opportunity to just do it out of my home studio. For the future, I plan to keep on teaching my online character design course at and I want to keep on doing what it is I do, CHARACTER DESIGN.

5. What keeps you motivated within the business of art and animation while operating your own business, working for big companies and on top of all the other projects you participate in?

I would say, the pure love and enjoyment of drawing. And on top of that"STAY HUNGRY" It is a very exciting career, it always changes, new challenges all the time and on top of that it is a creative field and you can do whatever you want to do, create whatever you want to create as long as you don't procrastinate.

6. Have you got any projects in the pipeline that you can discuss with us?

None that I can discuss at this time. The only thing is that I am doing lectures at schools and teaching.

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