Friday, October 31, 2008

peg bar needs financial help

The next 'its a peg bar affair' has been planned over the last few months and we have a date and venue for the event. We need sponsorship for advertising, as well as funds to help us grow our abilities, our options and our mission.

Last time the event came out of our own pockets. This time it is not viable to hold the whole event financially on our own, so we need help and sponsorship.

Our main goals, this time around, are to expand our advertising and promotion, create a website to establish a constant presence and to create a useful contact tool between artists, their reels and companies. These goals are among an overwhelming list of goals we wish to accomplish.

Again, the organisers will be working for free and will be keeping tight financial books for all to see.

If you can help, or know someone who could help.....please give us a shout at

pegbaraffair (at) gmail (com)

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