Sunday, February 8, 2009

interview with the station

1. How long have you been in the industry and what are the main changes you have seen in the Industry?

The Station has been in business for 14 months now working predominantly in the advertising and pre-production sectors. Prior to this both Peter Donnelly and I have worked in the film industry for over 20 years in various positions such as animators, art directors and producers.The most important changes I have noticed in recent times has been the availability and impact of digital creative software into the industry at ground level and also the outsourcing of animation production to smaller companies and individuals.

2. How do you think the recession is going to affect the animation industry?

Companies will need to develop new work practices to satisfy clients need for ''quicker, better and cheaper''. Clients will be seeking new thinking and new ways of ensuring value in their animation budgets. Digital will be a fast growth area for 2009 and artists need to be ready for these changes. A flexible approach to your skills will help you stay valuable to companies as Multi- tasking becomes more important as a skill set.

3. How challenging is it to keep up with your clients, now that more and more businesses are watching their cash flow?

The station has always delivered a high end product to its clients. We believe this demand will grow in these recessionary times as pitches for accounts become more and more competitive and a high standard of artwork will make the difference in successfully presenting a concept and ultimately winning those accounts. Therefore Agency Creatives see the value in the station's product and because of this we have a high level of repeat business. My challenge this year is to introduce this product to new Art Directors and Creatives in the industry.

4. As a storyboard company, have you ever thought about moving into animation?

Other than storyboarding, the Station produces animatics with a high level of animation/effects for the advertising industry. As for full on animation, the company is presently developing an animation showreel in DVD format. Our intention is to be recognized for a more contemporary and edgier style of animation design. We are both very much into pushing the boundaries of how animation is used in advertising and creating the right look for the right project. I find much too often strong design and art direction fall short and cause a piece to suffer and lack real impact and appeal. Our immediate goal would be to enter the market in the production area of internet virals, TV stings and idents.

5. Have you got any exciting projects at the moment that you can tell us about?

We are very excited about some new animation projects that we commissioned recently. Each project has a very different visual style in hand drawn, flash and 3D formats. One such piece we produced utilized the 3D animation skills of students Ben Harper and Sean Mullen and will be available for viewing on our website over the coming weeks. We are constantly reviewing animators showreels searching for that special something that relates to us and that we see potential in.

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