Friday, May 15, 2009

pegbar are looking for reels, films and volunteers

Hey guys, at the moment we are organising our next event. Its going to blow your mind!

It will be a day of talks from great Animation companies in Film Base, with short animations shown in between the talks and then in the evening we will be networking, socialising and showcasing peoples reels in Murrays Bar. The date is set for the 8th of August.

What we are currently looking for are animators reels and short films. To find out how to submit to pegbar, email us at info (at) pegbar (dot) ie

The Deadline for Submissions will be the 26th of June!

We are also looking for volunteers for a few hours work in the day. What we can offer the volunteers is a full day pass to the event so after your time is served you can enjoy the rest of the talks and evening festivities. If interested please contact info (at) pegbar (dot) ie

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