Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pegbar screening at's the blurb

Delighted to announce the final line up for Friday's most excellent night out in The Shed.

Once again it will be a 'bring your own beer' event, and the party will be going on into the wee hours of Saturday morning.

I will be posting details on the site tomorrow, but we decided to give our members and regular readers a sneak preview.

With one or two artists still to confirm, below is line up as it stands today.

Stay tuned for updates as the week progresses.

Its always a hard one to find, so do check out The Shed website for directions. You can always give us a call for directions on the night.

Emer Dunne - Singer / Songwriter

Making her first performance on stage at the age of five, this multi- talented young lady has her roots based in Irish, classical, jazz and blues and her music is often described as a merge between Joan Baez, Katie Melua and Sinead O’Connor, but obtaining a unique and distinct sound of her own. Her debut recording, ‘Another Land’, was launched into the Midlands market by RTE Television’s Mary Fanning and has been received with great success.

Alan Lambert - VJ

You can check out some of his work on his website 'Metal Dragon' .

'As Metal Dragon, I have been making independent short films and videos for nearly a decade now. I have also provided a variety of creative services for independent film and music related productions. My material draws from a wide range of sources, as I've managed to travel alot and have worked in the graphic arts, and I've always collected visual material along the way.'

Celene Natasha Murphy - Filmmaker

Celene is a former member of Impact Theatre Company and has also worked with Teaspach Theatre Company. In Limericks's unFringed Festival 2009 she premiered her new short film "Stop! Indigo" coupled with a live performance art piece as part of Bottom Dog Productions

Celene's own short films "Shangri-lá" and "Like Father, Like Son" have screened in Kerry Film Festival, Corona Cork Film Festival, Galway Arts Festival, Catalyst Arts Center Belfast, Siamsa Tire Visual Arts Centre Tralee. Last year Limerick’s unFringed Festival commissioned an evening of Celene’s short film works including the world premier of “Brutally Beautiful”.

Julien Lonchamp - Filmmaker

French-born Julien Lonchamp studied music and media technologies in Trinity College Dublin. His first two short films "Verso-Tempo" and "Somnambule", premiered at the Best in Show and DEAF festivals in Dublin in November 2008, propose to recapture the essence of early cinema performance. Julien also manages the Apostrophe Ensemble, which performs the soundtracks of the films live during their projection (

Ian Huet - DJ

DJ for the night once again is the right honorable Moo-ne. 'A long time music fanatic and collector. Loves playing out a variety of house vibes. Soulful, funky, fresh and never mainstream.'

Emma Pearson - Burlesque

Inside every nice girl is a drag queen screaming to get out. A shy office clerk by day, Fluffy is tassel twirling Burlesque slut by night. Cheaper than Britney, sexier than Shane McGowan, she is a member of DoppleGang Troupe and a regular on the Dublin cabaret scene. She doubles up as a PonyGirl for Gringo O'Hara, Dublin's funniest drag king.

Peg Bar - Animation

The Peg Bar collective is made up of Daniel Spencer, Ben Hennessy, Anna O'Sullivan,Lisa Scannell and Ben Harper and can be contacted at 'pegbaraffair(at)gmail(dot)com'. The collective who created Peg Bar saw a need for a networking event directed solely at the animation industry in Ireland. They began the project in July 2008 and have gained a lot of success from their first event in August 2008. Since their last event, they have started a blog with Interviews, podcasts and news of Irish animation/animator on top of organising their next event in January 2009.

Also, Anka Wyosta will be screening her short film 'Outing' - Written by Gordon Mckenzie, the film was made in Dublin in March 2009.

Hope to see you there.
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