Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet for Real have asked us to show some animated shorts at their next event.

Here's the release from Adrian:

After the success of our extreme location filmmaking event last July, and bouncing around ideas for the next one, we came across the magical world of music, and saw the creation of it with fresh eyes. Discovering and contacting the Danish game & film music composerThomas Regin, we are excited to bring him to Dublin, and hear firsthand how he has succeeded in the world of composing music.
He says "music is the language I speak the best. And apart from all the swearing it's also the language people seem to understand the best."

All films need music and all games need music... so what we want to do is bring the worlds together for a brief afternoon :)

There are 3 parts to the event:

  • 1. Get inspiration from Thomas (he is really passionate about what he is doing)

  • 2. Get inspiration from each other - by people volunteering to showcase some music/short film clips/game - in development or finished - (5-10 minutes each)

  • 3. Share ideas & create new connections with cool, like minded people in a fun way (we make sure you get to meet lots of people) so you can collaborate, or create projects together, or simply bounce ideas.

So far we have volunteers with Japanese music, game development, animated films, and invites are still open for more people to show their own work, be it in film, music or gaming, in process or completed, for feedback and sharing, so that we can all discover more.

If you are interested, drop us a line at, and get free tickets for you and a friend.

Friday, October 23, 2009

the station are looking for colourists and storyboard artists!

The Station are currently looking for artists with strong Photoshop abilities, an excellent sense of colour and a good work flow. They are looking for someone who can take their line work and bring it to completion.

Attached below is an example of the range/ ability that they need.

A typical job might be 7 panels per script, each panel taking 30 mins

If you're interested in the post, get in contact with the station through their website or paul(at)thestation(dot)ie

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Darklight is this weekend

The darklight festival is on this weekend, always a fun event and great place to meet animation, film, art and tech heads.

check out the line up

Sophie Merry who talked at the last pegbar will be showing off a short called 'Solo Duet', as part of the Virtual Cinema shorts on friday night, 6pm in the lighthouse cinema. Tickets are free and everyone should check it out!