Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Video Games LIVE! this looks like another great night out at the national concert hall

Video Games Live

29 November 2009 08:00 PM - MAIN AUDITORIUM

World Famous Video Game Composers, Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall, The Lombard Philharmonia and Choir

To include scores such as: Mario, Zelda, Halo, Final Fantasy, Warcraft, Sonic', Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Cross, Myst, Tron, Castlevania, Metroid, Medal of Honor', God of War', BioShock', Civilization IV, Tomb Raider, Harry Potter', Beyond Good & Evil', Advent Rising, EverQuest II, Monkey Island, Earthworm Jim, Pac-Man, Conan, Headhunter, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon', Rainbow Six, Jade Empire, Metroid, Contra, Guitar Hero' and a special Classic Arcade Medley featuring over 20+ games from Pong to Donkey Kong including such classics as Dragon's Lair, Tetris, Frogger, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Gauntlet, Space Invaders, Outrun and MANY MORE!

Video Games Live is the largest and most successful video game concert in the world. An immersive concert event featuring music from the greatest video games of all time. Created by world famous video game composers Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall the concert delivers live action and unique interactive segments creating an explosive one-of-a-kind entertainment experience interactivity, stunning visuals and fun that only video games can provide. Completely synchronized cutting-edge video screen footage visuals and on-stage interactive segments dazzle audiences of all ages gamers and non-gamers alike.

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Adrian M Mulryan said...

so glad i found this blog, great information for fellow irish artists especially the links to irish animation companies, had no idea this videogame concert was on!!, thank you kindly