Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Digicel Flipbook licence to give away at next Friday's event!!

Some amazing news for our event on Friday, we are pleased to announce that Digicel Flipbook have kindly given us a licence of their software to give away at our next event!! So we will have a raffle on the night with a number of spot prizes and the grand prize being a copy of Digicel Flipbook!!

Digicel Flipbook is used in numerous animation companies including Warner Bros, Dreamworks and Universal Studios, just to name a few.

Here's Eric Goldberg's endorsement of Digicel Flipbook:

And Jason Ryan swears by Digicel Flipbook, check out

Also we have some wonderful meal gift cards to give away at Captain Americas and Wagamas

The spot prizes also include 'King of Kong' DVD, Pegbar T shirts & Pegbar jigsaws!!


Friday night, 9th of April in the Sugar Club. Doors @ 7.30pm and it is €7 in

Guest speakers include:

Andrew Kavanagh, Director in Kavaleer, will be introducing and screening Kavaleer’s award winning short ‘Hasan Everywhere’.

Peter McNally , Technical Artist in Havok, will be giving us an insight into the best ways artists & animators can get into posts within Games Companies

And Neil Kidney, Director in Seed Animation, will be sharing his experiences in setting up Seed Animation and the challenges of moving his company to London.

Billy Shing will bring us to a close with a DJ set to end the spectacular night.

Hope to see people there! Should be a cracker!

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